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Ok so my sex life has been nonexistant lately. Thank God I have friends though. This is a story about and event that happened to a friend. Not sure if it actually happened, but it’s a good one. I think you’ll like it…

Matt was hanging out at the health club. He just finished his workout and was going to go take a shower and then sit in the sauna for a little while. He usually did this a few times a week, but it was a little later then usual. The locker room was almost empty. Matt was happy about that. Usually it was so crowded he was practically tripping over other guys. He got undressed and wrapped a towel around himself and headed into the shower area. This was an older gym. All the showers were in one big room, not individual stalls. Matt was hoping to have it all to himself. He was tired of having to share it with the lardbutts who were members there. He didn’t get his wish, there was a guy in there. He looked young about Matt’s age and had a nice ass and body. Definitely not a lardbutt!

Matt hung his towel up and turned on the shower. He kind of spaced out as he was washing himself. He noticed that the other guy was now showering right next to him. Matt thought that was a little odd. He noticed that he was slowly rubbing the shaft of his cock up and down. It was a big uncut cock shaved all around. Matt couldn’t help staring. The guy noticed him looking and smiled. Matt started getting harder. He smiled back at the guy.

Matt was thinking he was just some kind of exhibitionist or something when the guy started stroking his cock with his soapy warm hand. It felt really good. Matt let out a soft moan. He started stroking faster. Matt grabbed his cock and started stroking it. They just kept on like that. Stroking each other faster and harder. Finally they both came. Matt rinsed off, but the guy was quicker. He was out of the shower area before Matt.

When Matt came out, the guy was nowhere around. Matt was a little bummed because he at least wanted to get the guys number. Matt went to his locker and opened it. When he opened it, a crumpled paper fell out from the vent in the door. It said, “Love to do more then just fool around in the shower – Dustin” and it had a phone number. Matt quickly dressed and left the locker room elated.