As usual Jason was daydreaming during class. Dreaming of the hottie who sat a few rows ahead of him. No not Megan the bimbo cheerleader, but Tom the dreamy captain of the track team. Contrary to most athletes Tom was an all-around nice guy. He stopped a lot of the other athletes from picking on kids that they otherwise would have. Jason just couldn’t get his six pack out of his head. Earlier in gym class, he walked by the row where Tom’s locker was just as Tom was changing shirts. He got a great look at his abs while Tom’s shirt was over his head. Jason was daydreaming about licking them from chest to belly button then following the treasure trail down…down….down….BRRRRRIIIIINNNNNGGGG!

The bell rang jarring Jason, he jumped in his seat and some of the other kids laughed. He felt so embarrassed. He hoped it wasn’t obvious that he wasn’t paying attention in class. Mrs. Schmidt was known for assigning extra work to daydreamers. Even though it was a creative writing class, she didn’t really didn’t understand the creative process. Jason gathered his books and scooted out the door. Next up was art, which Jason loved. This semester they were working on drawing the male figure. They even had live models once. Unfortunately they wore swim trunks. Jason thought another one was scheduled for today. If so he hoped the guy was under 30. They had been getting old men to draw recently.

Jason walked into art class just before the bell rang and took a seat. He looked up to the front and saw something unusual. Tom was track starstanding there in a robe talking to the teacher. All kinds of naughty thoughts about what was under the robe went through Jason’s mind as he tried to keep his composure. “Today we have a special model,” Mr. Richards said, “one of your very own students. We have been working on grown up male and female figures, but I thought it’d be good for you to be exposed to the differences of the teenage figure.” With that Tom dropped the robe. and took his seat in the front of the class. Jason was in shock. The boy was in a speedo!

For once Jason was glad he was stuck in the front row. He had a great view! And judging from the bulge in the speedo, there was a lot to take in. Jason was an artist though and had drawn guys without much on before. He was calm and collected even though he had butterflies in his stomach. He began drawing Tom’s outline of the body. He starting filling in his strong arms and imagined himself being held by those arms. He could almost feel Tom’s warmth around him and Tom’s breath in his ear. Jason began drawing Tom’s chest and imagined feeling his strong pecs licking and sucking on his nipples, licking down to his abs. Tom had a great six pack. Jason could almost taste Tom’s sweat as he imagined licking his abs then going down further, down his treasure trail. He imagined he was sucking Tom’s dick on the outside of his speedo.

Jason was really enjoying this, he was getting hard too. Tom saw it and kinda winked at Jason. Jason looked down and realized what the look was for. He was mortified. He couldn’t belive he let himself get so lost in thoughts he got hard in class right in front of Tom. At least his drawing was good. Good enough for at least a B possibly an A. It was easy though when he had such a good looking subject. It was a few minutes until class was over. Jason handed in his work and began to gather his things.

The bell rang and Jason tried to book it out of class, but Tom chased him, still wearing his robe and all.

“Wait up,” he yelled.

Oh no Jason thought he’s gonna make fun of me for getting hard.

“You forgot something,” Tom said as he caught up with Jason.

“What’s that?” Jason asked.

“I wanted to get your number. See if you wanted to do something this weekend. I liked the reaction I got out of you.”

Jason blushed and said, “really?’

“Yep. If my shorts weren’t so tight I woulda got the same one from looking at you looking at me.”