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Matt opened the door. He finally arrived at his hotel. The room was nice, nicer then what he would’ve paid for. The hotel actually upgraded him to a suite because they “accidentally” overbooked. He had a living room, kitchen, bedroom, and bathroom. He was amazed he’d get to spend the week here. He was so happy he opted to come Friday night before the convention started on Monday. He’d have a couple days to himself to have some fun. Everything was so luxurious from the feel of the carpet under his feet to the soft sheets on the bed. When he walked in the bathroom he was blown away. There was a huge Jacuzzi tub and a lot of marble and mirrors. It looked like the set of a movie.

He was there for a convention on the latest developments in medicine. Kind of boring for a doctor from a country town. They wouldn’t be seeing these latest developments for years in his hospital. He decided to get his computer out and see what was nearby to see. He was in the mood to go out and talk to some cute guys. As he was unpacking his laptop, there was a knock on the door. When he opened it there was a bellboy with champagne on a cart.

“You must have the wrong room,” Matt said. “I didn’t order this.”

“Nope this is 2004, It’s on the house for the inconvenienience you experienced with the room,” the bellboy answered. Matt couldn’t help but notice he was young fit and very cute. He had curly hair that was just long enough to be sexy. He looked like a little soldier in his uniform.

“Oh ok, come in then. Thanks”

“No problem,” the guy said. “I’ll pop the cherry…er….I mean cork for you. Sorry long day.”

“Well I hate drinking alone,” complained Matt. “Too bad you’re working or I’d ask you to stay for a drink.”

“Actually this was the last thing I had to do before I’m done for the evening, so I could have a drink with you. Mind if I take off my uniform jacket though. I’m feeling hot,” he said.

“Sure that’s ok, make yourself at home.”

“Thanks I’m Jesse by the way.” As Jesse unbuttoned his jacket Matt saw he was wearing nothing underneath but a tight white tank top, and he was the most built bell boy he had ever seen.”

“You must work out a lot you’re very well defined.”

“Thanks it’s part of my side job. I’m a dancer at a club near here. You’re in luck I’m off tonight though so I can stay until you kick me out, Jesse said with a wink while he landed in the middle of the sofa.

Matt poured champagne and brought Jesse a glass. The hotel even sent some chocolates and strawberries with it. He handed Jesse his glass and then settled in next to him on the couch. “So what kind of club do you work at?” He asked.

“Well you won’t believe it, but it’s actually a gay strip club.” Matt spit out his champagne. He couldn’t believe this guy was a stripper at a gay club. What luck!

“Are yyyou ggay?” Matt stammered.

“Well I hate to say it but I never answer that question. I just let people think what they want. Long as they’re slippin’ dollars in my g string I don’t really mind if it’s a man or a woman. I live to please people and make them happy. Why do you ask? Interested in some fun?”

Matt’s eyes became like saucers. Sure he’d love to see more of this guy, but he had a little problem with paying him though. “Well I’m not going to pay you to hang out with me tonight.”

“Consider it another form of compensation for the  room mix up. Now get up and take your shirt off!”

Matt was shocked at how forward and strong Jesse was. He was used to younger guys out in the country. The few that were around were very meek. Jesse had a dominant side that Matt found hot. He started taking off his shirt.

“Nice definition Matt. I was surprised because you were wearing such a loose shirt.”

Matt smiled at the compliment. “Thanks, I guess I buy clothes the way my scrubs fit.”

“Scrubs? Oh you must be here for that big convention next week. It’s crazy. Be glad you came early. I have a feeling that there are going to be more problems with rooms. Well since you’re half naked I’ll match. Which half do you want to see?”

Matt felt himself growing in his boxers. “The bottom half please.”

“Awesome, although I can’t do it all sexy for you in these pants. All the ones I wear in the club are tear away.” Jesse started slowly undoing his belt. Matt knew he was teasing him. He slid the belt out of the loops slowly then turned around, bent over and shook his ass. Matt thought it was cute. Then Jesse slipped his pants down. He was wearing a slinky thong that matched the blue of his eyes. It looked great against his tan skin.

“Thought you weren’t working at the club today, I expected you to be in something more comfortable. I’m not complaining though.”

“Yeah I kind of always wear hot underwear partly because I like it and partly because I’m always hoping another dancer will call off and they’ll call me in. It’s happened a couple times so I like to be able to get right to the club if necessary.”

As Jesse got up he started taking his tank top off. He had a well defined back. He turned around and Matt could see the definition in his chest and abs. He was smooth and looked silky. His bulge was amazing. Matt couldn’t help but stare. “I’m not even hard yet,” Jesse said, “I get to about ten inches, but not too thick. Everyone loves the feel of me inside of them.” Jesse teased Matt a little more and stroked his own cock through his underwear a bit. “How about you? What are you packin’?”

“I’m about as big and thick as a beer can.”

“Nice, I gotta see that…take your pants off NOW!”

Matt was surprised but did as he was told. He was peeking out of his boxers a little bit and Jesse could see his shaft. He was paler then Jesse was. As Matt pulled off his boxers and his cock sprung free, Jesse saw him in all his glory. He started to get hard right away. “What do you think?”

To be continued…