So there they were, Matt and Jesse in the living room of a glorious hotel suite. Matt had just dropped his boxers and Jesse was looking at this cock. Matt was right, he was about the same size and thickness as a beer can. Jesse knelt before him and began to stroke up and down his shaft. Matt was really enjoying it. Jesse had a nice rhythm going and soon Matt began to moan softly.

Matt had closed his eyes and was just in awe that he had such a hot guy playing with him. Jesse really knew what he was doing. A contrast from what he was used to. City boys definitely had thier perks. Suddenly he felt something warm and wet engulf his dick. Jesse  had started sucking him. Matt was in heaven. Jesse licked up and down his shaft and flicked his tounge over the tip. Matt never had a blowjob like this. It was amazing. All too soon Jesse stopped.

“Come on,” Jesse said. “it’s your first night here, lets have some fun. Lets hit up a club together. Not the one I work at though. Let’s find a couple guys and bring them back here and have some group fun. All Matt could do was nod his head at the thought. Jesse said he had some clothes he could wear in his locker. He’d change and come back up. Matt agreed and when Jesse left he changed into some tight jeans and a t-shirt.

When Jesse came back, he was wearing tight skinny jeans with almost a snakeskin pattern on them. He had a blue muscle shirt on as well. “You look good,” Matt said. Jesse nodded while checking Matt out from head to toe.

“You all set,” Jesse asked. “There is actually an awesome bar around the corner. It’s not exactly a gay bar. It’s for people who are into a polyamourous lifestyle. It’s called Utopia. Well it’s more then a club, they rent rooms for the night (or the hour). The dancefloor is great though. There’s always a lot of action there. We could find a couple guys pretty fast over there.”

“Ok, lead the way,” Matt said.

To be continued…