A Possible Roommate


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Well me and Peter didn’t end up having our lunch date, he had to go work on another site. We’ve been talking and he told me at the end of the season, usually about November when he can’t do landscaping anymore he’ll have to move far away, which he doesn’t want to do because he is taking English classes here and doesn’t really want to relocate. It turns out he can speak English well, but reading and writing is what he needs to work on.

He asked if I knew anyone who might want a roommate. When I thought about it, I couldn’t think of anyone, but I do have some space in my apartment and I’d feel bad if he had to move really far away. I told him about it and he said he couldn’t pay me much in rent, but he could cook and clean and do stuff for me. So I’d get a cute houseboi lol. I really don’t need help with the rent, but it would be nice to do something nice for someone else. I let him know that he could stay with me for the winter or  longer if he wants. He seemed excited about the idea, but hasn’t let me know either way yet.

Right now I’m trying to rearrange my office area so a bed can fit in there. It looks like it can be done. I could always move my desk to my dining area too, because I don’t really use the dining table in there. I think it’d be fun to have a roommate. I’ve never actually lived with anyone else so this will be new for me. He promised he wouldn’t bug me. I think he wants to because when I mentioned it he said, “Awesome then we can fool around whenever we want!”

The Rest of the Night


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So as we were leaving, I asked Peter if he wanted to come by my place as it was relatively early. He wanted to, so he followed me back. We arrived and were sitting on the couch watching tv. He started rubbing my neck and shoulders.

“Wow, you’re tense,” he said. I’m going to have to work on you. “Sit in front of me.” So I did and he pulled my shirt off. I didn’t expect that and was a little surprised. He started rubbing my neck and shoulders for a while. It felt really good. He had good hands and a great touch. I could almost feel his energy flowing into me from his fingertips. Then he started rubbing my chest and playing with my nipples. That was hot. He went from my chest to my abs, then farther down. He was stroking me through my jeans. I was getting harder and harder. I could feel him getting aroused too. All of a sudden, he felt really big. He must be a grower.

“Can I take it out,” he asked.

“Sure,” I replied. He started unbuttoning my jeans then slowly unzipped. He was feeling me over my underwear. My body was on fire. I was leaking precum too. Finally he took me out and started stroking me. He looked down and told me I was gorgeous. He was just playing with me as I was getting harder and harder. He had a nice strong grip and smooth hands. It felt great. He started kissing my neck and wrapped his muscular legs around me. I told him we should get naked and move to the bedroom. He agreed.

We went into my room and undressed each other. He was gorgeous. He was very built. His body looked like a statue of the perfect guy. As I pulled his underwear down. He was shaved smooth. I love that. His cock popped out. I was right he was huge. He had to be nine or ten inches. I ran my tongue up and down the shaft and licked the tip. He tasted good. I started sucking his dick, soft at first then harder. He moaned with pleasure. I looked up and he had his eyes closed, almost in a trance enjoying what I was doing. All of a sudden, he exploded into my mouth, doubling over with pleasure. He had a lot of cum for me and it was thick and rich.

He brought me over to the bed and began to work on me. He put his hand under my butt as i laid on my back and started sucking me while gently fingering me. That felt so good. I was squirming with pleasure. His mouth felt so good on me I knew I wouldn’t last long. After a couple minutes I exploded into his  mouth. He drank down every drop.

Smiling he said he had to go, but he’d see me tomorrow. I was confused I didn’t think we made another date, but I was a little hazy on the details at the moment. He told me he was working on the grounds, but if I wanted to he’d spend his lunch break with me. I thought that sounded good. He said to have some cold drinks ready and he’d come up about noon if he didn’t see me before in the courtyard.

Weekend Special 9/21 to 9/22 2013

Drinks with Garden Boy


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A few minutes before 8 pm, I walked into the bar garden boy, whose name is Peter, wanted to meet at. To my dismay I found it was a sports bar. I’m not really into sports other than diving and gymnastics and I had a feeling none of that would be shown here. I went up to the bar and sat down and ordered a drink. There was an open stool next to me that I kept people from taking, saving it for Peter when he arrived. I didn’t have to wait too long. A few minutes later he walked through the door.

He almost took my breath away. He had long blonde hair that he had taken down from the pony tail he wore earlier in the day. His blue eyes looked electric in the light of the bar. He was wearing tight jeans, cute brightly colored gym shoes, and a muscle shirt that matched the shoes. He sauntered over and took the seat next to me.

“Hey, glad you made it,” he said, “Have any trouble finding the place?”

“No, I use a GPS, so i just type in the address and go,” I answered.

“Cool, whatcha drinking?”

“Vodka and pineapple juice.”

“Mmmm I love vodka.”

“They make great vodka where I come from.”

“Where is that?”

“Sweden, but I’ve been here in the US for a few years. Just trying to work on my English enough to get a real job, but I like being a gardener for now.”

“Your English is good. It probably won’t take long for you to get something better.”

“I don’t know. I can speak it much better then writing it. When I speak people think I was born here, but writing it is another story. I’m learning though. I go to school in the evenings to get better.”

As Peter talked, he played with his hair. I liked watching him fool around with it. I also liked looking into his eyes. I’ve never seen anyone with eyes as light and clear blue as his. I could really get used to looking in his eyes. When he wasn’t talking, he was watching the hockey game that was on. It wasn’t too bad for a sporting event. I never really watched hockey before, but it was exciting. I wondered why they were playing hockey. I thought it was only played later in winter. Oh well. I noticed that Peter was trying to check me out from of the corner of his eye. I caught him looking and he smiled guiltily. He had beautiful white teeth.

“Want to go take a walk outside? I’m getting a little bit of a headache in here,” he asked.

“Sure,” I said. We downed our drinks and headed out to take a little walk around the neighborhood. The bar was in the downtown area of a suburb. It was nice there looked like there were a lot of stores, restaurants, and bars around.

“This way,” he said. “We can walk by the river.” We headed to the path that ran along side the river and started walking down it the other way. Our hands brushed occasionally as we walked. I felt a spark each time. Every time it happened Peter looked at me and smiled. We walked a little way and came to a more secluded area. My imagination started running wild. I imagined him going down on me right there. Sucking on me until I shot into his mouth. That didn’t happen unfortunately. All of a sudden he grabbed me and started kissing me hard. It felt great. He was a very passionate kisser. He started soft, but then kissed me harder. With his tongue, he forced my lips open and penetrated my mouth. It was very hot.

“I’ve been wanting to do that since I saw you, but I had no idea you’d be into it,” he said, “Now what do you want to do?”

He’s Got Legs – gay art male art by Michael Taggart Photography

Gay Art Male Art by Michael Taggart Photography

Arty - He's Got Legs - Gay Art Male Art by Michael Taggart Photography

He’s got legs – and he knows how to use them!

The abs always seem to have all the fun – showing off and getting featured all the time. Thought it would be cool to let the legs have the spotlight for once. : )

Model:  Arty A

Prints and downloads on my website – http://gay-male-art.com

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Garden Boy


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Well, I’m finally getting used to the idea of being single. It’s only been a couple of weeks, but I feel better about it. I’ve stopped worrying about running into Zack at a party or club. I’ve seen him in public a couple of times and he nodded at me from across the room. That wasn’t so bad was it? I’ve also been too busy to really care. As usual I’m working like crazy trying to get my business off the ground. I made a few contacts to help me. Zack also kept his word. Even after we broke up he emailed me a list of contacts he thought could help me saying, “Even though we aren’t together, I still want you to succeed.” That was nice of him I thought. The contacts he sent me were great and are really helping me figure things out.

Summer in my town has been good. There have been a couple of food fests and other gatherings. I don’t know if I told you, but my building has a courtyard garden. It’s a walled space with a fountain inside and some tables and chairs. It really is beautiful. Some days I sit out there and work on my laptop.

One day I was there and the landscapers were out. I happened to notice one, mainly because he had very blonde hair. Definitely, not the usual Latino landscaper. He had a great body, perfectly muscled like a swimmer. I liked to watch him work. He was younger than me I think, since he wore a college t-shirt with the sleeves cut off so much you could see his abs as he worked. I think he was into me. He smiled at me a few times and stretched languidly around me, as if he was showing off his flexibility. It seemed like he alone was responsible for the courtyard garden, because I never saw anyone but him working in it. For the life of me, I couldn’t figure out why I hadn’t seen him before. He must’ve been new.

So i was sitting there, minding my own business furtively watching blondie work. When he snuck up on me. “Hey I get off at 5. Wanna meet for a drink later?”

“Sure,” I replied. “You pick the place.”

He chose a place and I typed it into my laptop. We agreed on meeting there at 8pm. After a few minutes, I felt awkward and went inside. It was also getting hotter all of a sudden.

From ‘No Homo’ to ‘Yeah, Bro’: How Gen-Y Became So Cool With ‘the Whole Gay Thing’ | Jonathan D. Lovitz

Jeri’s Trans/LGBTQIA Queer Reflections From The City Different - Santa Fe, NM

A great column. I am not sure I’d give as much credit to Glee, great show that it is, but overall a piece you should definitely read. I think the closing two paragraphs says it best…

“We’re a generation so over labels we could spit. It seems like everyone is experimenting with everything and the last thing we want is to be put into neat little boxes for the purpose of someone else’s statistics. Which takes us back to your ten best bros. Like I said, one of them is statistically gay. The thing that makes you, and the rest of Gen-Y, so damned great is that we don’t care. We know there’s a lot more to him to care about. So, yeah, he’s gay — he’s also funny as hell, a killer Candy Crush player, your girlfriend’s best friend (which probably can’t hurt your sex life to know what…

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It’s been a while…


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The last couple weeks I was in a perpetually bad mood. Number one I ended up working a lot of overtime. I’m trying to come up with something to do with all the extra money I’ve been getting from it. Maybe I’ll buy a painting or nice photo for my apartment. It’s kind of plain in  here. I just have the basic comfy furniture that a post graduation charge card let me fill the apartment with. Number two me and Zack are no longer together. His reason is that I don’t really fit into his world. Oh well his loss. The only annoying thing is every time I go anywhere I run into him since we seem to know all the same people and go to the same parties and places.

It hasn’t been all that bad I guess. I had a fling with a 21yr old I met in a bar one night. My rebound one night stand. He was hot and muscled, but very inexperienced. He loves to give head and is actually good at it. He kept me enthralled for a couple hours that night. Wonder if he’s majoring in that in college. lol. I had fun showing him the ropes. We exchanged numbers so we’ll see each other again. I don’t know if I’d end up dating him. It sounds like his college life is a little crazy. I might try dating a girl for a little while. Zack was the first guy I dated. Even though it didn’t work out well, I’d still date another guy. If I could find one I was attracted to. Lately it seems like I’m the object of desire for old men. Every bar I go to they flock toward me. I don’t mind, as long as their nice. I did get one thrown out of a bar for smacking my butt though. I didn’t really mind later, but at the time it just infuriated me. He picked the wrong day to mess with me.

I’m starting to get my business going. I’m actually making money by blogging. Not this blog though. This one is just for fun. I don’t know if you can make money by posting sexcapades. lol. So now that i’m single, feel free to hit on me. LOL